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Who We Are?

It is convenient and it saves time. It uses an e-Pass, an electronic transponder that makes you a preferred motorist. Attached to the windshield, the transponder allows you to drive through designated e-Pass and Mixed lanes. The toll is automatically deducted from your Account. No need to prepare for exact change or wait for the teller to give you change. e-Pass will allow you to cruise by at speeds up to 25 mph while others are waiting in the cash toll lanes.

  • We are the exclusive distributor of e-Pass tag transponders and value card
  • We currently have 25 customer service off-sites & point-of-sale equipment in Metro Manila & Greater Manila areas
  • We are officially authorized by Citra Metro Manila Tollway Corporation
  • We have generated over 150,000 customers for e-Pass to date
  • We alone have sold 80% of the existing e-Pass tag kits