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Why use ePass?

It is convenient and it saves time. It uses an ePass, an electronic transponder that makes you a preferred motorist. Attached to the windshield, the transponder allows you to drive through designated ePass and Mixed lanes. The toll is automatically deducted from your Account. No need to prepare for exact change or wait for the teller to give you change. ePass will allow you to cruise by at speeds up to 25 mph while others are waiting in the cash toll lanes.

How do I get an ePass tag?

The ePass transponders are available through our Customer Service office at Skyway Bldg. Dona Soledad Avenue, Better Living, Bicutan, Paranaque City with contact number (02) 888-8787. All you need to do is to complete all forms and pay the amount of PHP 1,700.00 for the application of e-pass services. Initial load may vary depending on the motorist’s travel pattern.

How ePass works?

When you enter the designated ePass lanes, our special reading device will electronically read your tag. The system records your point of entry. Upon exit it will again read to determine the toll fee to be paid. Toll fee is determined base on the combination of the entry point and the exit point and the vehicle classification. If you have enough balance in your ePass account, you will be given a green light and our barrier will go up to allow you to pass.

What if I don't get a green light?

No problem. If you get a low balance, this is just a friendly reminder that your prepaid toll balance has reached Php 500 or less. You should replenish your account as soon as possible. If you get a red light at the entry point, it means you have a zero or negative account balance. Stop and ask the entry toll teller for a magnetic card. You will have to exit at a cash lane and pay in cash. Without a magnetic card, you will be charged the farthest entry point. If you insist on passing through the dedicated ePass lane, you will be given a traffic citation.

What else do I need to know?

1. Ideally, it should be one tag for one vehicle. 2. You may arrange to have the monthly statement of your e-Pass account sent to you via fax. Just call (02) 888-8787 or you can mail your request to Should you need statements of account for periods prior to the last 6 months, a special written request must be made. Your ePass monthly statement includes details on the date, time, entry and exit points and the corresponding toll fees charged. 3. In general, all types of car tinting can make use of the ePass tag. Although, certain imported cars with metallic-based tints may encounter problems in the reading of tags. There are various ways to update your account within 24 hours a.) Thru the ePass replenishment hotline (02) 888-8787, by value card or by credit card and an automated voice response will prompt you to key in your ePass account number and the numbers found in you value card or credit card: value cards at P200, P500 and at P1000 denominations, from ePass interactive kiosks at designated ePass outlets found in strategic locations ( See Outlets Page ). Credit card - This method requires the enrollment of your credit card when applying for ePass. b.) Via Register your ePass account card top-up through online banking. c.) Pay cash or use your credit card at the ePass Customer Service Center by the Skyway on ramp at Dona Soledad Avenue Bicutan.

About ePass Tagkit, What else should I need to know?

Upon enrolment for the epass services, please be reminded of the following: 1. To please provide us with your valid mobile phone number and e-mail address in your ePass application form. To Complete your 16-digit ePass account number you need to call the Customer Service Center at (02) 888-8787 and get the remaining 6 digit account number. 2. To read and understand the Contract for ePass services. 3. To completely fill out and sign the ePass application form. 4. That the tagkit should be properly mounted on the windshield to prevent any damage. Failure to do so automatically voids the warranty 5. That all other customer inquiries, comments, issues and concerns will be addressed by the Customer Service Department, hotline (02) 888-8787.